The power of daily posts

Is it useful to post every day?

The article you are about to read was written in English by an artificial intelligence software.

The Power of Daily Posts

Do you feel that you need to post every day? Or maybe you’re afraid that people will think you’re boring if you only post once in a while. Either way, there are good reasons why you should post regularly.

Post at least once every day

If you post more than once per day, you’ll keep your audience engaged and interested in what you have to say. It’s also easier to schedule posts when you do them frequently. And finally, you’ll establish yourself as a reliable source of information.

Share links to other posts or articles

Posting regularly will give you something to talk about every day. This means you won’t need to come up with new ideas each week. Instead, you can simply repost older content. That way, you’re not only sharing valuable information, but you’re also building your reputation as a trusted source.

Include images, videos, polls, and quizzes

If you post frequently, you’ll attract more followers who enjoy seeing what’s happening in your community. They’ll appreciate the variety of content you provide. And they’ll feel connected to you because you’re providing them with regular updates.

Create a schedule

It’s easy to think that you need to be an expert to make good content. However, there are plenty of people out there who are willing to share their knowledge and expertise. All you need to do is find them and ask them to contribute to your blog.

Promote your posts through social media

If you’re looking to promote your posts, consider using social media. Social media allows you to reach more people than ever before. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr, and other platforms allow you to connect with others and share your content.

The text “invented” by the software ends here.

Artificial intelligence writes just like a human being

Isn’t it impressive? I would argue that the content is on par with that of many experienced copywriters.

I only invented the title and, with a guided process, in a few steps, the software did everything, including the invention of the fundamental parameters for search engine optimization.

Finally I translated it with Google translator.

It is not exhaustive, it is not perfect, it does not have a particular style, but I would say that it is acceptable, at least as a starting point to refine and integrate with my style and the information I consider important.

It is only a matter of time: I believe that the results will soon be even more surprising. The pace at which these instruments are perfected is so fast that soon we will be able to have a text written in the exact style of this or that journalist or writer or speaker, as has already been done with musical pieces. And when we have enough material, we will also be able to synthesize the voice of that same author and make podcasts of it, with the same technology used in the Top Gun sequel, to give back his voice to Val Kilmer who lost it due to a tumor.

What should we think of it?

Artificial intelligence writes on our behalf

At a superficial glance we could say that we have found the solution to publish something every day without too much effort. This is true.

But the question, then, is “Why on earth should we post every day?” The text that the AI ​​software wrote for me says that by doing it we improve our visibility and our reputation. In any case it would be nice to publish just when you have something to say.

We have to post every day so as not to disappear into the ocean of those who… post so as not to disappear. We are all using time and money to simply stay where we were and not retreat

The other paradoxical consideration is that we have a software write our posts so that some other software, those of search engines, can read them and certify our existence and rank on the front page of Google search results.

And all of that is about to change forever the way we write and communicate.

An Italian version of this article is available here.

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